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Database Daily: Pass 0 - Divide and Conquer

30 April 2023

Goal: Sort the ratings.db file by creation timestamp without reading the entire file into memory.

Today was the first step in implementing out-of-core sorting for large data sets. Following the algorithm described in Joe Hellerstien’s CS186 lecture on sorting and hashing, I was able to divide the 300MB ratings.db file into 280 sorted temporary files.

These temporary files differ from the “normal” database files I’ve been working with in that they don’t have headers. To make reading them back a bit easier, I implemented a Relation.from_headless_db_file method.

Finally, I began writing the script to merge 2+ sorted temporary files. My approach will be to use a queue of queues and a demultiplexing sort enumerator that puts an iterator interface in front of 2+ scan iterators.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue with the pass 1…n code and hopefully be able to write a sorted 300MB database file to disk!

Written by Dan Drust on 30 April 2023

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