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Database Daily: Set Up For In-Core Sorting

3 May 2023

Goal: Implement an in-core sorter node using an abbreviated data set

Progress was slow. I tried wrting 20 pages from the movies.db to a smaller database file but when I read it back I got an error. It turns out the scanner was reading the header as tuples, so I needed to offset the initial position by header length at the start. So I fixed that.

Then I noticed when I was scanning themovies.db file that the last id was 190, when in the CSV version it was much higher. The id overflowed a short (16 bit) unsigned int, so I need to update the integer type to be 4 bytes wide. In the data type definition, I updated the template string to be L (long) but didn’t update the byte size to be 4. So that led to a little debugging side quest!

In the end, I was able to rebuild the movies.db file to use long integers. I read back the table and saw it working nicely. I also took the first 20 pages of that file and put it into an abbreviated movies database file, movies_small.db (the original goal!).

Next, my plan is to implement a Sorter node that basically divides and conquers, but ONLY in-memory (so, constrained to 64 4k pages at a time, in the best case!). The movies_small.db will be my sorting target. After that I can extend it if I want to use an out-of-core strategy if needed. Then, finally (hopefully?) I can let this go and move on to hashing!

Written by Dan Drust on 3 May 2023

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