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Database Daily: Working Toward Sort

4 May 2023

Goal: Work on an in-memory representation of tuples that keeps the serialized bytestring (and it’s length!) close by

Goal achieved…and then some! I’ve spent about 3 hours tonight. First I implemented a tuple class that wraps the bytestring, keep the length at hand, and has array semantics so that access like tuple[0] still works. I got into touble trying to lazily deserialize values at random from the tuple - I’m not keeping an offset or field size for variable-length fields so you really have to just iterate through te tuple to get anything. Oh, well.

Then I returned to sort. I added BufferPool.get_empty_page and did some other minor update so the buffer pool class (mostly undoing some assumptions I’d made when I wrote it). That let me grab empty buffers into which I could write tuples that had been sorted in-memory. I ran the Sort executor against users.db (which is ~30 pages long) until I got an out of memory error. I don’t entirely understand how I got such an error if the file’s size is less than 64 * 4kb. My brain is spent so I’ll look into it next time. Aside from that, I started to write code to “spill” the sorted pages to disk. I have a collection of pages that are sorted and I want the whole file to be sorted. So I’ll have to use the DemuxSort (or similar). I need to think about how that’ll work with available memory – do I need to keep some free on the side?

Next time, with a fresh head, I’ll keep working on this Sort executor!

Written by Dan Drust on 4 May 2023

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