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Database Daily: Setting Up for Spilling

18 May 2023

Tonight’s work was relatively low key. I set up a spec that I expected to fail where I would pass enough values to the Hasher that it should have to spill tuples to disk. I expected it to fail because, well, I hadn’t written any spilling code quite yet. However, it passed!

That was due to the fact that the size of a buffer isn’t enforced. When I worked on sort I wrote it so that the caller was responsibile for not writing more that 4kb to a buffer before flushing it to disk. The buffer itself didn’t limit ti’s content. So my spec passed just fine - increasing the size of the buffer past 4kb!

To get it to fail (and to give myself constraints!) I overrode the StringIO.write method in Buffer to not write past 4kb. The interface is elegant (I think) - instead of raising an error it fails somewhat silently but it will return the number of bytes written - which will be 0 if you try to write past 4kb.

That got specs failing. I then extracted the exisiting code that added content to a buffer into it’s own method that can deal with fussing with full buffers. I left some commented out code and TODOs that I will pick up next time – bascially writing the spill files and accounting for them. Readback should be for free since Scan

Written by Dan Drust on 18 May 2023

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